Stop The Illegal Patent Invalidations Pushed By Big Tech Lobbyists

We did well last week, now let's really make something happen!

Hello Friends,

Thank you for help!. Hundreds of inventors across America made their Representatives and Senators aware of the Federal Circuit ruling that all the “judges” at the PTAB, who've helped large corporations invalidate a few thousand patents in the last few years, are illegal judges because they were appointed unconstitutionally. As a result of your help, Josh Malone and I have meetings set with Members in the House and the Senate the week after Thanksgiving, and I guarantee you that we will turn these Members into allies.

I want you to understand how important our cause is. If an inventor cannot stop a large corporation from stealing any significant, patented invention, then disruptive start-ups cannot take hold. Without disruptive start-ups, a handful of large monopolies end up controlling everything, including speech. Perhaps you've seen this happening.

The solution is the restoration of the rights of inventors. If you have a patent, no entity, regardless of how powerful, should be able to just take the technology. You should be able to license it in an arms-length transaction, or create a start-up based on it. This is your birthright as an American, and this is what created the incentive that made America the innovator to the world.

We have momentum, and we need your help to continue and increase it. I need you to set a meeting for Josh and myself with your US Representative and Senators for the week after Thanksgiving. Please do the following:

  1. Call the offices of your Representative and Senators and get the email address of the Schedulers.

  2. Email them and say that you are a constituent and an inventor (if you're not an inventor, just tell them why you care),

  3. Say something like you are greatly concerned about the alarming rate that important patents are being invalidated and inventors' lives destroyed by judges that the Federal Circuit has ruled illegal by having been unconstitutionally appointed (put into your own words what matters to you, make it from the heart)

  4. Tell them that US Inventor represents you, and that you want your Representative or Senator to meet with Randy Landreneau (pronounced Lan-druh-no) and Josh Malone of US Inventor the week after Thanksgiving.

  5. Let me know that you've done this so I can use your name when I push for the meeting as well.

US Inventor is the only group that is totally committed to restoring the rights of inventors in America. We are gaining steam, and with your help and the help of inventors and others across America, we can win this battle!